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"Persistence and patience"

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 years that I have been riding with Chizzy. Due to her persistence and patience, I have learned alot and my riding has greatly improved which I am thrilled about! She pushes me to do more than I think I can which is very gratifying. I can’t thank her enough for helping me become a better rider. My horse is grateful too!

Tibby Posillico

"Generous with her time and talent"

I have owned horses and been an avid equestrian for more than half my life, but the last 5 years since I met Chizzy and started working with her have been the best. Riding for me was always a fun, recreational thing to do – I did a little of this and a lot of that: clinics, lessons, showing and hunting with my two horses, an 11- and 6-year-old. I met Chizzy through our membership with the local hunt and asked for her help in polishing the rough edges on my still green 6-year-old. In short order, our lesson plan and my Denali progressed to the point where we were preparing for our first event – who knew showing could be such fun! And that is the point – Chizzy keeps the emphasis on correctness AND fun. Her lesson plans are tailored to the individual needs of the rider and the equine partner - no matter what level you are working at. She is generous with her time and talent and takes a genuine interest in the development of each student and their horse. But I think what makes Chizzy so special is her respect and appreciation for the process of training; that it’s not always about the ribbons; it’s about valuing the process and whatever good comes from it: a dressage test that scored better than your last one, a terrific cross-country run, or jumping clear in the stadium ring. She has taught me to keep that perspective - no matter what I am doing with my riding, and THAT is a lesson worth learning!

Mary Lane

"Dedicated, intelligent, kind, and hard working"

I worked as an intern for Chizzy in Ocala, FL from January to mid April of 2015. It was by far the best experience I have had in my career as an amateur rider. I had never evented before my time in Ocala, but it soon became my passion with Chizzy's guidance. Chizzy is dedicated, intelligent, kind and hard working. She provides the BEST care for all her clients' horses and truly loves to teach her students. Chizzy composes an individualized plan for all of her clients depending on their personal goal and prior experience. Without her excellent training, I would not have been able to ride competitively in many Training events.

Lydia Sarro

"Commitment to me and my riding"

I started working for Chizzy in the summer of 2015. I had opportunities to ride many different horses and gain a ton of experience. In July, I brought my own horse to her farm and she helped me rehab him from a suspensory injury and bring him back to full work. After working with her, my horse felt better than ever because of her commitment to me and my riding!

Michelle Bull

"A very safe and healthy environment"

Chizzy is a joyful, insiteful horse professional! She is patient, intelligent , and resourceful in all training situations, while riding a horse or teaching a riding lesson. Chizzy cares for all the horses in a very safe and healthy environment. Happy Horses! Happy Riders!

Barbara Milanese

"Great with all ages and levels"

Clarissa is one of my favorite equestrians. She is not only a talented rider, instructor and trainer, she is also dedicated to her students and her horses. She exceeds expectations in those areas. I have used her not only for myself , but my children and grandchildren; so Chizzy is great with all ages and at all levels of riding. She makes her lessons fun at the same time improves your riding skills. She is very reliable and helpful and you know your horses are in the best hands. One of the most important things for me is to improve my riding skills while my horse is in training with confidence and being safe. Chizzy is exceptional in this and makes sure you are well prepared for events. She is an excellent teacher and had a great attitude in her lessons.

Jacqueline Juntilla

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